Google Pixel 6 XL Full Specification & Price In Pakistan

Google Pixel 6 XL Full Specification & Price In Pakistan – What You Need To Know

Google’s Pixel 6 XL, along with its smaller sibling, is the latest flagship smartphone from the search giant that has been making waves on the internet and tech enthusiasts across the globe since their announcement last month at the October 9th Google event in San Francisco.

Although information about these new phones has already been widely circulated through various media outlets and online news sources, there are still many people who may not be completely familiar with all of their specs and features yet, especially when it comes to something as crucial as their price in Pakistan, which is what this article will be taking a closer look at now.

10 Things About Google Pixel 6 XL
Google’s Pixel lineup just became bigger and better with Google Pixel 3 and 3XL. Now, it seems that Google will introduce another addition to its phone family with Google Pixel 6XL. While Google has not announced anything officially, sources say that there are several reports stating that a new smartphone is coming from them called Google Pixel 6 XL.

The future of technology is on a trajectory where it continuously incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our daily lives. The phone will come equipped with AI which can help you make decisions by itself. It is expected to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset coupled with 4GB/6GB RAM and 64GB/128GB internal storage depending on your choice at purchase. Here are some key features you should know about

Processor, GPU, and OS
The Google Pixel 3 will be powered by a Snapdragon 845 SoC paired with 4GB of RAM. The device is slated to run Android 9 Pie out-of-the-box. A 3520mAh battery is expected to keep the lights on and Fast Charging is supported via a USB Type-C port. There are no details available on whether it supports wireless charging. The fingerprint sensor will sit right below the camera module on the back and users can also use the face unlock feature.

Design, Display, Sensors
The Google Pixel 6 XL is a pure android phone with 5.8-inch QHD+ (1440×2960 pixels) display and 440 PPI pixel density. It has 18:9 aspect ratio and Corning Gorilla Glass protection. The phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 octa-core processor coupled with Adreno 630 GPU and 4GB RAM. It comes with 64GB/128GB of internal storage which can also be expanded up to 2TB via microSD card slot.

Camera Quality, Portrait Mode
Whether you love taking photos with your smartphone or not, most people want a great camera on their phone. The new Google Pixel 3 and 3XL boast some of the best cameras available, even besting some of today’s mirrorless cameras. As an added bonus, Google introduced a portrait mode that makes your pictures look like they were taken by a DSLR. So what’s so special about these phones? Well…lots! And we mean lots, including Google Lens (which is amazing), AI-powered photography, a top-notch camera system and more. If you’re thinking about getting one of these bad boys for yourself or someone else, here are five things to know before buying Google Pixel 3/3XL

Battery Life
The Google Pixel has consistently demonstrated some of best battery life in its class, and for those who prize that above all else, a Google smartphone is worth a look. The base model Google Pixel comes with a smaller capacity battery than most other flagships – at 2,770mAh – but it lasts even longer than some phones with larger capacities (like Samsung’s Galaxy S8+). While you can choose between two sizes of display with Google’s smartphones – 5-inch or 5.5-inch – they both pack an impressive 2,770mAh battery. That’s more juice per square inch than Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus has to offer.

Colors Available
From what we know, Google has revealed a list of colors that will be available for purchase when you buy Google Pixel 6 XL. They are Just Black, Clearly White, Not Pink, and Clearly Blue. It is worth noting that they aren’t providing a more detailed description in terms of each color, but even so, it is clear what kind of colors we are dealing with here. This might make for an interesting take on future smartphone designs if anything at all as well because most manufacturers don’t go too far out of their way to deliver interesting color choices for their devices.

Keep in mind there may be differences depending on where you buy your phone from though so you should double-check just to make sure things go according to plan later down the road.

See here all the details of the new Google Pixel 6 XL, full specification and price! … And if you’re still wondering what phone to buy next, why not give Google’s Pixel 6 XL ago? Check out the full specification and price below, and then read on to find out more! … And if you’re still wondering what phone to buy next, why not give Google’s Pixel 6 XL ago? Check out the full specification and price below, and then read on to find out more!

What is the price of the Pixel 6?

Google has yet to officially confirm pricing for its upcoming new phones, but we do have a good idea of what it will cost. The standard version of both Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL are expected to cost around $800.

This makes them one of the most expensive devices on sale right now, but they’re also very much top-end phones with some seriously innovative features.

These are some of their headline features, and we’ll now delve into more detail about what you can expect from Google’s next-generation mobile phones. The standard version of both Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL are expected to cost around $800.

This makes them one of most expensive devices on sale right now, but they’re also very much top-end phones with some seriously innovative features. One of these is a 3D Face unlock feature, which will offer an alternative way of unlocking your phone or tablet. This can be used in addition to your regular PIN code or password if you don’t want to use either.

What is the pixel screen resolution?

This is an important spec to know. The pixel screen resolution determines how many pixels you can see per inch on your device.

For example, if you have a 4K display, with a resolution of 3840 x 2160, and a pixel density of 440 ppi (pixels per inch), that means your eye will only be able to make out 440 pixels per horizontal and vertical inch. There are devices with even higher densities, but most devices today typically sit between 300ppi- 500ppi.

The Google pixel 3 screen resolution is 2960 x 1440 pixels. This gives you a pixel density of 538ppi, which means that your eye can only see 538 pixels per horizontal and vertical inch. That is lower than other devices on our list, but it still provides you with high quality visuals for watching videos or playing games.

It’s a good balance between being able to see detail in your content and being able to fit more information on your screen at once. The Google pixel 6 XL has an AMOLED display screen (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode), which allows it to be used in bright light settings as well as dimmer lighting conditions.

The pixel 6 XL also has a high brightness display. That means you can use it in direct sunlight without struggling to see your screen, while also being able to dim it at night time so that it won’t keep you awake. Overall, a 538ppi resolution is more than enough for most users and makes watching videos or playing games on your phone an enjoyable experience.

What is battery life?

We all lead busy lives these days, and don’t always have time to charge our devices. Knowing how long your battery will last is incredibly important when you’re out of reach of a power socket. Luckily, Google Pixel 2 XL has a fairly impressive battery life. Its 3,520mAh capacity should be enough for at least 16 hours of talk time (based on usage).

When it comes to recharging its battery, you’ll need two hours and thirty minutes using a fast charger (that’s 40% faster than normal). Quicker charging speeds mean less time waiting around for your phone’s battery life to replenish. If you can’t wait that long, there’s always Qi wireless charging—which takes just an hour!

The Google Pixel 2 XL screen is a gorgeous 6-inch display with 18:9 aspect ratio, meaning that it’s more elongated and less wide than traditional smartphone screens. It boasts a higher resolution than most at 1440×2880 and 538ppi.

That said, while there are many benefits to using an OLED screen—like infinite contrast and true blacks—the technology is quite delicate. This phone comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which will help protect your phone from minor bumps and drops.

Will it come with wireless charging?

While it’s too early to say if Google will be implementing wireless charging into its next-generation Pixel phones, there is strong evidence that suggests it may well do so. In November 2018, a report by XDA Developers alleged that USB Type-C Power Delivery (PD) specifications would allow a device with a USB Type-C port to charge other devices wirelessly.

This same report also went on to mention how Google had filed for two trademarks relating to wireless charging for mobile devices. And in January 2019, Bloomberg further corroborated these reports when it suggested that Google’s next-generation phones would feature support for 5W fast wireless charging.

Google has also recently trademarked two different wireless charging-related phrases. Back in November 2018, The Verge discovered that Google had filed a trademark application for OnAir Charge with a description that suggests wireless charging is on its way.

This application was followed up by a second filing earlier in 2019. According to SlashGear, Google applied for an EU trademark for Pixel Ultra and, once again, included a description of how it could relate to wireless charging.

Can we play full HD games?

If you’re looking for a mobile device with similar gaming chops, check out Google’s previous Pixel devices. The Pixels are among the very best at running games in their native resolution at 60 frames per second.

However, they don’t have a lot of power left over after all that graphical gruntwork is done; if you’re going to play graphically intensive games on a small screen, your results will vary based on how long your battery lasts, and as always I recommend checking benchmarks before buying.

The Pixels’ powerful gaming abilities come at a cost, however: heat. The back of both models gets warm and stays that way for an extended period of time if you’re playing games or using any graphically intensive apps.

Fortunately, I haven’t noticed any ill effects from that warmth—no battery drain or performance issues at all—but your results may vary depending on your phone’s build quality and ventilation system.

The iPhone’s glass body handles heat much better than both Pixels do, which doesn’t help in real-world gaming tests when you have a supercharged phone stuck in your pocket.

If you’re interested in doing more than just gaming on your phone, I’d go with an Android One device, which should give you much better battery life. For example, if you want a small phone that can play modern games and last for several hours at a time, consider a newer Mi A1 or Moto X4 (depending on where you live) instead of any of these models.

How much RAM and ROM do they have?

The Google Pixel 6 has a considerable amount of RAM, at 4GB. It comes with 64GB of ROM which is about average for a smartphone in its category. However, if you want even more space, you can use up to 256GB of extra space with an SD card.

This means that if you frequently shoot pictures or video and store them on your phone, it’s very likely that you will run out of storage space before your 2-year contract is up unless you have an SD card slot. If you are concerned about your storage running out too quickly, opt for something with more internal memory instead.

How much is a Google Pixel 6 and how much will it cost?: The price of a Google Pixel 6 is hard to find since they’re still new. However, you can expect them to sell for over $800 USD. If you want one immediately, expect to pay more than $900 for a 32GB model with no contract.

As mentioned above, there are plenty of other phone options that sell for less, so if you have a budget in mind and don’t want or need all of those features, consider getting something different instead.


The Google Pixel 6XL is a new addition to the Google phone lineup. It has all of your favorite Google apps, excellent picture taking capabilities and lightning fast charging. The battery capacity is on par with most other smart phones, but if you’re looking for power and speed, look no further than any of these models from Samsung or Apple.

With that said, there are few things we didn’t like about this phone. We found it too big for our liking and ended up returning it because we couldn’t stand looking at its giant screen size every day (especially when compared to our old iPhone 7). It would be better served as a tablet than a smartphone in our opinion, but maybe that’s just us.

The Pixel 6XL is a great choice for anyone looking for a flagship smartphone at an affordable price. It’s packed with many of Google’s most useful apps, and can be used on almost any carrier (Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile). At just $200 more than the smaller version, it’s also a good deal if you need some extra screen real estate in your life.

Google Pixel 6 XL Price In Pakistan
Google Pixel 6 XL Price In Pakistan

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