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“Contact Us for any inquiry!” It is a page that most website has. For those who want to contact the owner/admin, they will visit this page and put their messages on it. The messages will be read by the owner or admin who owns the site. Usually, there are options for visitors to choose from email or phone numbers. This bot can “read” any comment that contains an email or phone number, and give a response to it.

Without this bot on your site, the contact page will look more like this:

With this bot, you can have something similar to Chatbot for Facebook Messenger. The format of the message will depend on how you want it to be. You can make a reply which is similar to this:

If you don’t care about the design, there are many chatbots for a telegram that you can use. Remember to get your token from Botfather.

It basically follows a teaching method called “classification”. In classification, it is similar to filling a spreadsheet as follows:

In this spreadsheet, the highlighted area is where you will put your response. This list of words (or phrases) is the replies provided by the bot. This method lets the bot categorize any visitor message into one of these categories. It can put the message into the “Phone” category, for example. Then it will provide a reply based on your instruction.

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